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Virtual Assistant of a Hotel Guest

a modern customer service, increased sales of services as well as positive feedback from fully satisfied and returning guests, that recommend your place to others.


How it works?

Individual QR code
assigned to the room
or service

placed on stand
or as a special

In order to use
the application simply
scan the QR code

without having to
install the software.

ractical and
application for guest

ensures fast and comfy
access to most
hotel services.

Clear and reliable
dashboard for hotel

to receive and handle
notifications as well as
verify the completion status.


From now on, owing to the SunGuest app, no notification, request or order will go unnoticed by hotel staff and the busy line at the reception desk will not cause frustration to the guest.

An intuitive dashboard for notifications and orders allows quick and discreet guest – hotel communication as well as comfortable ordering for additional services.

No need of direct conversation with reception desk gives both comfort to the guest and saving time for the hotel.

Table of offers

Do you need to increase number of guests in hotel bar, SPA or encourage them to make another reservation?

Table of special offers is the tool that enhances sales of hotel services.

The SunGuest app is equipped in a module enabling to create and show offers to hotel guests directly. The offers can be flexibly managed – added and deleted, sent to selected guests and changed depending on the current situation in the facility.

In the vicinity

Tourist attractions around, useful and interesting places, this is what the client of the hotel is looking for.

Our app allows to find desired places very easily and by downloading the location you can quickly determines the route of reaching.

This is also great opportunity to place in this section contacts to business partners of the hotel.


Do not let negative opinions appear online.

Ask your guests for feedback and encourage them to publish positive ones online. A built-in feature of electronic satisfaction survey allows to keep track of the level of guest contentment.

Our SunGuest app gives:

More reservations
and profits.

Better reviews

Bigger upsell in hotel
and partnership services.

Higher standard
of guest service.

Image of modern
and customer-friendly place.

Growing group of regular,
satisfied customers.

Reliable communication channel
without language barrier.

Efficient handling of notifications
and optimization of team work.

Constant evaluation of employees
and service suppliers.

Fast data access
and legible reporting.

The SunGuest app works great both in large
and more cozy objects.

Guest Houses
Apart Hotels

We provide implementation of the system and its servicing to save time and hotel resources.


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